Our Approach

At ARI, we understand that designing your project and hiring a contractor can be a complicated and possibly horrendous experience. It is our goal to make the design/build process as straightforward and gratifying as possible. We keep you involved and informed each step of the way.

Site Visit & Feasibility

First, we visit the project site where we listen carefully to your intentions for the space. Here we develop an understanding of your budget. The outcome of this initial meeting is a feasibility summary capturing your vision and overall project scope. It is important that we begin to co-create the project based both on our professional experience and your inspiration.

Preliminary Schematic Design and Concept Estimate

Next, we craft computer images of the design allowing us to further visualize the final product and define the scope. A realistic cost of the project will be provided. A minimal fee may be applied pending the complexity and scope. This will be discussed upfront.

Commitment Agreement

Once you determine that ARI is the right company for your design and build project, we sign a Commitment Agreement and the project is set in motion. Timeline and fixed costs will be included in the Commitment Agreement in addition to how changes to said items are managed. For example, the agreement outlines how we will proceed if you decide to make changes along the way that fall outside the original scope.

Next, a down payment will be collected and permits will be obtained along with construction drawings. Construction drawings, as opposed to preliminary schematic drawings, are the required detailed professional plans from which ARI will construct your project.

The purpose of the Commitment Agreement is to define the 'what and when' of your project plus clarify expectations of each other. Remember, our goal is to make this process as comfortable and straightforward as possible and deliver superior outcomes.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before we begin we review your project by answering any questions we may have for each other and by discussing preparations needed in order for the work to start. ARI is comprised of highly professional people who respect the overall cleanliness and wellbeing of your space.

If you chose to not proceed, ARI will refund your down payment less any costs accrued for obtaining permits and construction drawings.

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