Specialized Equipment

ARI is the leader in ceiling lift installation at Toledo-area hospitals with hundreds of installs throughout NW Ohio.  We also provide/install similar but more portable ceiling lift equipment residentially to assist with lifting the patient for transfers to the wheel chair, shower chair or the bed.

We provide Porch lift equipment for accessing the home and elevators for getting from one level of the home to another or stair lifts when an elevator just doesn't fit the budget.

ARI is constantly reviewing the various products, equipment and materials available to allow us to provide a better solution to our clients in need.  Things like a tub lift or a toilet lift for assisting someone into the tub or up off the toilet when knee surgeries just won't allow someone to get on their knees anymore and the strength just isn't there to get off of even a comfort height toilet.  

Specialty equipment continues to hit the marketplace and when it does we work hard to know about it so that we are the "go to" guys for solutions to your accessibility needs. 

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